A Reflection

Hey guys....hope I haven't dissapointed all of you with a very short post earlier. The orkut one ie. Been too busy trying to have a life and well just realised I didn't have one.

The past few weeks has been a world of changes. For one, I had a lovely birthday!!! For all my readers who don't know when that was, it was on the 5th of July. The day...rather night started off with my mom calling me up at 12 in the night...she sang me the birthday song while my roomies were busy plotting on methods to pick and kick me on the ritual "Birthday Bumps". Mom kept the phone with the last words being...tell your roomies not to hurt her little son....and yes they didn't listen! Bang Bang Bang and well there were many more, I just lost count. Finally they pick me up and wish me a happy birthday.....for the record, this was my first birthday when I got the bumps. Usually its the summer vacs or something like that and the Bumps are delayed till school reopens....uhm...well that kinda makes it worse though.

It was a lovely morning, Bangalore was smiling at me with its cool breezes and fresh (well almost fresh) air. Got calls from all over India, thanks to my friends being spread across geographies :) Ofcourse calls from family too. My orkut scrapbook was overflowing with messages and so was my mailbox. Thanks to my company's portal and orkut, everyone around remembered Shanim was born 23 yrs earlier on the same day.

As usual there wasn't much work and I kinda left off early to meet up with a friend. A real cool pal of mine...and well mind you, she's got a pinch that stings baaaaaaad!!! I ended up with a scar on my arm thanks to her....bet she's enjoying reading this. Got home a notch late after doing a bit of shopping for my sis and mom as I was heading home that weekend. And the surprises just didn't end, my roomies got me a cake from CCD and although it didn't last long and was more on my face than in anyone's stomach, it was absolute fun!

Getting back home for the weekend was all the better. My second sis, Sanee, managed to arrange for a Birthday Cake from the US! I got to cut a birthday cake with my eldest bro in law (his birthday falls a day before mine) with my family watching over and my cutest niece singing the Birthday song along with her mom, my sis, Saina :) This was probably best week home I had in a long time...and probably the best birthday too!

But well...life isn't just about happiness is it? Its been 23 yrs that I've spent in this world, and well I've been thinking....thinking a lot lately. Besides this blog and a bunch of smiles, I've achieved nothing! There's this huge void in me and I can't understand what its for.....and no its not the void that pops up everytime you breath in air....but something a lot more confusing. Everyday I wake up to the world with a joke on life, and well have been looking at my life as one big comedy show. The world and God as spectators, having a ball of a time seeing me make blunders every second. From the days when I forget to fill fuel on my bike and drag it for over 2kms uphill, to the days when I go to my manager and utter something utterly irrelevant, its been just a joke.....yep that's my life....a joke. I don't aim for anything, I don't look at myself doing something good, and I don't bother thinking of something to make this world a better place.

Guess its time something changed. Time I grew up..........time I thought of what I want in life....and time when I decided on ways to chase that dream of mine....

For all those who know me well....stop laughing!!! :) Fine so maybe I just can't grow up so might as well quit trying. I'm sure the day I get married, there would be a case against my parents for child marriage ;) A kid I am...and I guess its never gonna change

Corny Lines from Orkut.com

Its been ages since I penned down something and well I apologise for the same....was never in a mood to really write.

A few days back I was just browsing through a few of my pal's scrapbooks on orkut.com and well I was having a ball of a time laughing away. There are waaay too many ppl who are jobless in this world and this is just proving the same. But hey, they do deserve some credit, it does take a lot of courage to come up with the most corniest lines ever. I've picked up some of my favorites and am putting it up for you guys....Enjoy!

  • Hello XYZ, I ABC from Gurgaon. Hoping To be winning your friendship in life. God don't be giving chance to earning friendship every moment. Good friendship comes by in lifetime only once, maybe twice... max thrice, but not more. I await your friendly respond.
  • hi...to be frank u r so cute...that only impressed me on u.........can u be my friend..waiting for ur reply..............
  • Hello...How r u.. Whre r u frm.. What r u doing... Can we start a good frndship from today... If u r ready, I will be very happy... Expecting ur rply...Take care...XYZ...
  • you re really good looking...wht u do?
  • hi wana scrap with me for long period the srap and tell me yes or no
  • hey i dont know who r u, how u look, but dil na chaha ki tum sa dosti karun, so i am here, mujsa dosti karogi
  • I am XYZ Software Engineer in Mumbai(India). I have come to you crossing the limits of borders and relegions ,just to say lets be friends .Hope i deserve one scrap from ur side may be acceptance or deniel
  • hi lady....whats up in life want to b efrnds as i guess u looking fr some....will wait to hear frm u
  • Hi how r u???????Cochin a nice place,,,,,,,like to be ur friend
  • hi gorgeous :)
  • im in love with uuuuuu
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    take care bye
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  • U look BEAUTIFULL and CUTE with a SWEET smile.want to be Ur frnd.will U add me as Ur frnd.waiting for ur positive reply...
  • Haiiii...How ru????Cool profile and nice snaps with attractive smiling face which attracts the person very easily for friendship...I am XYZ from bangalore working for an MNC telecom in accounts & Finance...i like to know more about and keep in touch to build up good friendship..i hope u will reply me soon to get introduce...Have a nice day..Keep reply..bye for now..take care..
  • hi ABC how ru i ahve cn ur profile so i thougt y cant i invite u to join in my friends group.u look sweetwhen u read my messagesweeter when you read and smilebut you look sweetest when u read, smile & replyso try 2 look sweeest always