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I want a quota too...

The year is 1947, our leaders stand proud and announce that the Republic of India is now a reality. No longer will we be ruled by a queen residing in an island nation over 7000 miles away, no longer will we have to listen like slaves to men and women from a different nation who claim to be our masters, and no longer will we be split up in the name of caste, colour or creed......or so they say!

A law was then put forward, to bring up those who suffered in the name of castes, by which Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes were given priority in both education and jobs to help them climb up the ladder in a society they were long forgotten in. 59 years hence, we have politicians who believe everyone in the nation is now equally backward and handicapped and they too need help. The solution? Reservations for OBCs!
Isn't it time we woke up to reality and re-assessed where we went wrong? 59 years and things haven't changed? Doesn't that seem to ring alarm bells telling us we went sorely wrong assuming reservations were the answer. And yet its being implemented once more under the pretext that things will work out this time around. Come on! This ain't some sort of video game where all we have to do is move a dial and things just seem to work out. Real world scenarios ain't about just increasing or decreasing things, its about working out solutions, something our present politicians just run away from. Guess thinking is too hard a process for would actually involve some work.

A recent interview of our HRD minister proves how incompetent our ministers are. The guy didn't know what percentage of the country are OBCs and yet he intends to increase reservations to a value much higher than the percentage of OBCs in the country! What's worse? Its just reservations...if you can't get a person to complete high school with good grades how can you expect him to study a course that even the best in the country end up dropping out of. Not stereotyping here, there are quite a few brilliant SC/STs and OBCs in our country and I'm proud to know many. Without competition however, they're minds are left to idle their way through education and pretty soon it will cover the job domain too. Are we really helping anyone in this context? I doubt it. Our minds excel only when placed in a situation when its challenged. If it isn't, we're just animals...or worse "bots"....we don't think, but just let others think for us.

"To our dearest ministers, I'm pretty sure you ain't listening to us but what the heck...if you really want to do something, do something that would help our nation rather than rape it of its good.

Bring in scholarships for those who do well, you want OBCs and SC/STs to get a bigger share, then give it in terms of scholarships rather than reservations. Remove our country's biggest hurdle, the caste system, once and for all. Its been over a thousand years and it still lingers in our nation, you are just making the whole system more concrete by doing this. Give aide based on the present financial status of the person rather than ancient castes which should no longer be relevant in our country!"

The whole quota fiasco has now entered its second phase, job reservation in private firms too. Supposedly our Minister of Social..blah blah (I really don't care what they call her/him) had asked all private companies to implement reservations in their job recruitment practices. This will be monitored for 2 yrs and if it isn't implemented as they see fit, they will impose a law forcing them to do so. If this ain't a threat, I don't know what is! Freedom in our country seems to be a mirage at present. Equality... a distant dream....and what's worse? The opposition is quiet. They say the parliament is accountable to the people...yet I don't see that happening....

If this is Democracy..somebody please tell me what Dictatorship is please?

"No..No!...Please Don't..."

"Could you teach me a little bit of that subject. I can't seem to understand how we do that" he said and without hesitation she agreed. They moved to two empty seats in their college classroom and started engrossing themselves in intense studies. Exams are nearing and its not easy to mug up the whole course material without some help. An hour passed and suddenly the room fell empty. It was just them and then suddenly he held her hand and rubbed it around his body moving it closer to his privates. The girl was shocked and tears popped out of her eyes when she realised what her "friend" was doing. She pleaded through her tears to let her go and pulled her hand back but he wouldn't stop. He slowly moved his hand around her admist the tears and her pleas to let her go..."No...No!...Please Don't..." He wouldn't stop...and then he heard someone coming and let go off her and she fled.....her tears flew fiercer than a river during a flood but she couldn't complain for he had a girlfriend and she was too innocent at heart and couldn't hurt someone by telling her girlfriend how ruthless and pathetic he was. Time passed and the hurt girl continued with her life, suffering all the pain she had gone through and the incident just never leaves her, haunting her everyday as she sees him sitting on the other end of her class....tears escape her eyes everytime she thinks about it...yet she can't speak it out and ease her pain...

Why is this world so cruel???? Rape attempts happen all over the world every other day. These days 4 yr old kids aren't spared either....I had to learn that the hard way when one of my best pal's sister was raped and murdered. And the court of our beloved nation let them go 'coz they were juveniles! If I were the judge I'd probably put the kids into prison and put their parents in too. Are we guys that bad? Can't we think of anything besides sex in our lives and constantly abuse the fairer sex? Life just doesn't seem to be fair.

How many of you girls reading this can relate to incidents like pinching or fondling in public places by strangers around you? Or even further a casual touch on the wrong parts with all the wrong notions by guy friends of yours?...or attempt of something a lot more serious? Why haven't most of you voiced out your pain? Do you think the respect we have for you will die down 'coz of it? Get real ppl, its just gonna get better and we'd probably help you fight it. It took one of my friends 10yrs to tell her parents of being molested when she was a kid...I'm glad she did. Most don't and things just seem to get worse for them in their lives.

People often condemn my religion and its concept of Hijab. I'm no religious preacher but there's one part of the hijab that most of you might have not heard of. The first part of Hijab is meant for the guys and not for the girls. If a guy were to see a girl who is provoking his desires he should not look at her and keep his eyes down. The covering up for the girl and the scarf is the second part of the Hijab. Its funny how only the second seems to be practised now.

The world seems to be going to the dogs and nymphomaniacs....and I'm getting pissed with life 'coz of how many of my friends are being victims of such crazy acts.........

As I say..."Life's a Crazy MESSSS!!!"

A blog entry that took 4 days in the making (laziness at its best)

After a lousy post...I'm back :) Apologies to all those who'd gone nuts over the last tell you the truth, I have no idea what was going on, guess I was just disturbed...uhm....but then again, I always am....

Pepsi Cola, Pepsi TV and now Pepsi C.....uhm...naaa lets not get into that. That was a topic I had already talked about in
Sam's blog. SRK seem to be on a roll now. He had a ball of a time with a number of chicks posing next to his nude body in the bathroom for Lux explaining how his skin's beauty was from it and now he's out as a couch potato in the Pepsi TV ad. Awesome concept I must admit, drink Pepsi and all channels become Pepsi I see a lawsuit coming up? Enough of the guy who has just two emotions pasted on his face which he uses in a number of permutations and combinations to generate "sad, upset, happy, romantic, constipated, nausetic.." and various other emotions to perform award winning movies.......somebody please buy brains for all those jerks who actually judge for movie awards...they really need one and seem to have lost it after the last David Dhawan movie.....speaking of which...where is he???

Gangster, the music of which had blown me away, and the acting of the lead female which has kept me away from the theater for a while now. Alright I do admit, she has her good points...for one she dresses well..except in the hot scene with Emran will-scr*w-anything-that-moves Hashmi....wait...she wasn't really wearing anything then....aaah! The movie started off pretty good and I was hoping it would be a good one for a change...but I was disappointed. I expected more with all the hype going on about it. hmmm...but then again guess I was still all high after "Ice Age 2". The censor board must be pretty happy with all the E.H movies coming in, they really needn't watch it and just stamp in an "A" on the certificate. You can't expect him to go around in the movie without doing something to the lead female which would eventually lead to adultery right? Its against his way of life. He was born with just one mission in life...cause adultery and prove that there is absolutely no use of condoms...speaking of which...couldn't Kangna Raut think of protection? Come on..with the keep away from AIDS and soft drinks messages Pepsi has been giving out...someone's bound to notice!

There's a huge commotion about quotas these days in India. Some hilarious ones being, what if we had only OBC and SC/ST doctors treating politicians and blah blah....We are splitting our country and loads of other things...yep guys I'm very much against the quota system but seriously take a look around, we've been splitting up with every second of the day. Be it quotas in education, the income divide or even the never ending arguments between religion. One of our arguments led to us breaking up with our brothers and i can't call them sisters...and ur bhabis ;) from pakistan! Its kinda shocking how the media there potrays our country to be blood hungry of all muslims and everyone in our country wants another country of their own. Hilarious statements keep coming around forums all over the internet about the same. I really can't understand what's with the hatred.

Getting back to quotas, ppl all around who don't seem to understand what the comotion is all about, well its something that's been in everyone's heads for a while now. I for one, am part of an OBC community and although I'd be the last person to be complaining, I'm not happy with the system where true competition is not being welcomed. We don't need you to keep aside a seat for us and the various other communities in India but what we need is a more sound education system and scholarships for those who perform well. This can be implemented with a higher regard to those who have greater challenges in their lives, which maybe physical, or monetary. The only reason why the whole caste system still seems to linger within the minds of everyone in our country is probably 'coz of the reservations that the earlier govts had introduced...something that needs to be wiped out at the earliest! Bring in more quotas and we're just gonna get all the more angry.

Well I'm signing off for now and shall be back with more later. For now, its Tata bye bye see you from me :)