Freezing again

A reminder that I'm still in Delhi - "It's freezing cold!" (To all the guys and gals in Europe and America...yea yea...temps are lower but you guys have heaters to cut the crap! :P)

A lot has happened since I last started a conversation with you guys. For one, I've moved out of Dwarka and am now in East Delhi, a degree warmer and a lot closer to civilization. After 3500Kms being clocked on my bike, I've finally found Delhi interesting. I no longer crib that I'm missing Bangalore 'coz yes my dear friends....I now officially have a life! yipeeeee! (To all those weirdo pals of mine back in Bangalore...nopes, I didn't get married! :P)

Just thought I'd start off with a teaser and remind the world that I'm still alive...will get back to blogging as soon as possible...keep watching this space for more as I bring you - "Working with Govt Officials...A Revisit!" This is a sequel to my very first blog and should probably go on for a couple of why am I going back to the same lame topic? Quite simple....I'm surrounded by them!!