CATch me if you can

Yes, I'm a victim of the CAT disease too. I've begun my pursuit to the IIMs, the most prestigious B-Schools in India....and well...I'm losing out on the race in a huge way! I start off with a relatively good percentile and as the weeks go by, my results seem to be deteriorating...blame it on the fact that I'm not preparing well while everyone else is! So now, I'm working on Plan B and Plan C. Shall refrain from explaining what those two plans are for the time being, lest I mess up those two as well....which I will!

Its a loong holiday and well I ain't doing much here. On realising that I was leading a miserable life by sitting home doing nothing...alright alright so maybe I was doing something...moving on...yeah so as I was saying, I decided to head to Coimbatore and meet up with my ol' schoolmate Gayatri, who promised me a bunch of books to prepare myself on a tests related to "Plan B". After a loong and bed bug biting journey of six hours, I was finally there. We had a ball of a time and managed to watch KANK (aka Kabhi Alvida Na me I was repeatedly screaming out "Kabhi tho Alvida kaho"). The movie starts off with a pretty good note. Rani looks hot!!! and well I'm sure all the gals must've felt Abhishek was the "hot" one....I would know...there were four girls around me who kept oogling at him...and how would I know this...hehe...guess whom I was oogling at ;)

Trust Karan Johar to come up with a highly over budgetted fantasy movie in which everyone around lives in castles and works in high rises with the view you'd die for on a concept that times is pretty controversial.

His first being the "love begins with friendship" which resulted in a massive turn of events for most guys and gals who were best took just 3 hrs and a lot of mushy mushy hindi dialogues and running around trees and playing basketball for them to realise they were in love! (Ref. Kuch Kuch hotha hain for more details). This time around we have a wild extra marital affair to talk about. There were parts of the movie i liked though...the first being Rani, the second being SRK being slapped (HARD!!) and the third, Abhishek's constant faint scenes. Now what's bad abt it? Well for once I thought SRK started doing something he was always good at...being the anti-hero and not the guy who everyone loves (Refer...uhm....ok i guess all his movies have a typical "Rahul" who's loved by everyone and he uses his masterpiece dual expressions in numerous permutations and combinations for a 3 hr movie) but I was disappointed...guess Karan Johar just didn't like the idea of keeping SRK upset so managed to end the movie with a moral that we should encourage extra marital affairs and infact once you divorce your betraying husband/wife, ensure that they meet and have a happy life together.

Oh well it was timepass so no issue :) Work is finally on the horizon with my boss having given me a bunch of stuff to get done by Thursday....kinda makes you feel important for a change..hehe I've got work after 10 months!!! yipeeeee!!!

Signing off for I've just run out of topics to crib about...uhm i mean talk about :) catch u all laterz