What was the Rickshaw guy thinking???

Ok so maybe it wasn't one of dearest rickshaw guy taking a wrong turn and ending up on top of a building...its a restaurant in Nottingham. Its called "4550 miles from Delhi". Quite a funny logo if you ask me!

A big hi from England

I know its been quite a while since I penned down a few words. And yes, I am not responsible....its just that I haven't been inspired to write something for a while....uhm...guess i was just bored...

Alright, now that I've started off on a lousy note :) lets get to the better part (if you wish to call it that) of the post. To all those who guessed that I would be suspected to be a terrorist at the Heathrow airport...three cheers to you...it did kinda happen! I was the only person who was stopped twice, frisked and my baggage was checked too.....strange, guess those doggies really liked the chocolates I'd got my little niece...they just wouldn't budge from my bags....crazy buggers....have a feeling they were plotting against me, had seen these two doggies giving me a strange look...talk about racists! hmph! anyways, the cops were better off...they made up for the rude attitude shown by their dogs (yes i was offended)...they were sweet and were pretty surprised to know that my niece loved story books in comparison to PSPs and other such electronic goods which leave a huge dent on your wallets....hehe infact they were asking me to help them convince their kids to start reading...suggested they speak to my sis :)

All those who wish to lose some weight, I would suggest you drop in at London without a valid visa, trust me guys...its a huge walk from the airplane to the passport control....guess the architect who designed the airport used to work for an animal testing lab and was a quite used to designing mazes for the mice used in the tests, coz i seriously felt like i was in one. I had seen the same point around 10 times and must've walked atleast a mile or two before i got to a rather rude lady from the home office who kept asking me why i was there....well duh! I was there to get my passport stamped so that i could go forward and collect my baggage...come on, is that so hard to understand??

Anyways, the weird experience I had with that female (mind you, she's an indian/pakistani born in britain) things kinda changed when I got down into london. My little niece ran up to me with a huge and tight hug. Reached my sister's town of Grantham a couple of hours later and trust me, I've been going crazy since! why you ask? These ppl here are just tooooooooooooooo polite!!!! There isn't a moment without a smile or a "thank you" uttered from their mouths.....and all you guys, trust me....this town has some of the best looking brits in the whole wide world! hehe I love going to the supermarket 'coz of that....all the helpers there are blondes, green/blue eyed, and have a lovely smile that keep you drooling away...and yep tongue twisted too...i got sooo bloody damn tongue twisted once i forgot wat i was gonna ask her!

Speaking of confusion, the roads out here are seriously confusing...oh no they aren't a bunch of criss crossed roads and no they aren't designed by the same dope who designed the airport...its just that they have sooooo many rules that keep you wondering why they hadn't started a PhD on the subject "Driving on British Roads"....trust me, even Issac Newton wouldn't get that degree....hmmm..guess that's why they never bothered having one! That reminds me, Grantham is the birth place of Issac Newton....went around looking for the apple tree which helped us realise that blunders can result in the discovery of gravity....but well was disappointed to find out that it was in Oxford and well....i guess its dead by now.....

alright back to the roads...think about this, there are rules on how to walk on the sidewalks too...infact they also tell pedestrains to wear something reflective at nights....and that's actually a law! The other day i was walking down the road, there wasn't another human in a 2 mile radius...a car was heading towards the crossing that i was gonna use...and well the guy...who was driving at around 25mph (roughly 60kmph) slew down and stopped for me....i spent a few minutes trying to figure wat he was doing, with a smile he gestured me to cross....my mind went crazy...made me think of india....even if there was a mob waiting at one of the crossings and if a guy tried to put a toe on the road, it would prbbly be crushed...and yep...we would prbbly have to wait another 3 hrs before we can even think of crossing the road.....sigh...if only we guys could learn something from these ppl...and yeah...i come to know later that pedestrians have the highest priority on these roads....and drivers have to stop!

if you guys don't believe wat i just talked abt in terms of British Roads....take a look at their rule book (which is followed to the fullest mind you) at the Highway Code website

shall keep you posted on the various sights and sounds of uk till i get back in india...and btw...had a lovely flight here once again :) hehe a small stop in Abu Dhabi too....and yeah I did meet my air hostess pal, the same female whom i met on a flight to Mumbai from Abu Dhabi the last time i flew...she recognised me and we had this short chat....she was in the First Class section....(unfortunately :( ).....oh well...didn't stop me and another mate i made in the journey from chatting away with the attendants...we made a romanian, swedish, indian, and arab friend in the 7hr flight to London....hehe all thanks to Airbus' design flaw of keeping the air con lousy near the wings....(where we were seated)...we couldn't stand the heat....rather we were hunting for an excuse to go to the back and chat with them :)....had fun...obviously!!!

till next time